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Dry Ice Manufacturing And Supply

We supply 3mm and 9mm pellets of dry ice, with next day delivery available on orders placed before 10am. Please email us on to place an order.

Dry Ice Supply And Manufacturing: Our Products
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9mm pellets

Highly recommended for medium or longer term logistics. The larger size of 9mm pellets means that they last much longer than standard logistical dry ice and produce a more sustained and constant thermal effect.

3mm pellets

Suitable for short term logistics and dry ice blasting purposes. Our 3mm pellets are some of the densest and hardest available on the market, dramatically increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of dry ice blasting operations. For logistics, their small size means they are suitable for very small packages and samples.

Dry-Ice Slices

Dry Ice Slices are compacted blocks made from solidified carbon dioxide. They are banded together so they can be easily transported and separated for use as and when you need them. For the convenience of the customer, each slice is individually wrapped within a sleeve for easy handling. We manufacture dry ice blocks varying in sizes from 1kg to 10kg of dry ice to meet our customer's needs.



Dry Ice is used extensively in the transportation of cold products, where refrigeration equipment may not be desirable/available, and can represent a very cost effective solution for cold-chain logistics.


Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Dry Ice is an excellent solution for maintaining the critical cryogenic temperatures needed in the storage and transportation of biological samples.



Dry Ice is a space and cost-efficient means of refrigerating perishables and food during long-haul flights.


Food Delivery

Dry Ice is an excellent solution for transporting meat, fruit and vegetables for both domestic and long-distance deliveries. The low temperature maintains freshness, and even after sublimation the present CO2 gas acts as an inert but effective preserve.

Dry Ice Supply And Manufacturing: Services
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