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Welcome to Dry Ice Ireland

Dry Ice Specialists

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What We Do

We at Dry ice Ireland are a leading dry ice blasting and manufacturing company. We supply dry ice blasting services, equipment, and high-density dry ice pellets from our base in Newry. We are an official distributor for ColdJet, the global leader in dry ice blasting equipment. Our Facilities include a warehouse, workshop, and state-of-the-art dry ice production and manufacturing equipment.

Dry Ice blasting services are available through our mobile, on-site service, and through our in-house blasting facilities. We have been dry ice blasting for over 10 years and are highly experienced in all manner of applications. The media sublimates into gas on impact, leaving zero residual waste.

Dry ice supply services include fast delivery of fresh, high-quality, high-density dry ice. We supply in a variety of sizes/quantities and specialize in last-minute, just-in-time orders. Delivery is available throughout Ireland, with a same-day service available.

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What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice Ireland has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that extract the liquid CO2 and compress it into our high-density dry ice. The high-density nature of the product requires advanced equipment and allows it to last longer and maintain its low temperature.

Dry Ice is stored in specialist Cryogenic storage boxes. Dry Ice Ireland supplies these in various sizes, and they are recommended for storage of over 1-2 days in duration.

Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid-state. CO2 is usually stored as a liquid under highly pressurized and low-temperature conditions. It has a temperature of -78 degrees celsius. As a solid, it can sublimate (“evaporate” into CO2 gas) unless stored in the appropriate conditions.

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Our Services

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Dry Ice Supply

We supply dry ice which is solidified carbon dioxide stored at -74 degrees which we create using our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Dry ice is both cost-effective and totally sustainable this makes it useful for multiple purposes including for storage of cold products.

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning

One of our main services is Dry-ice blasting cleaning which is a non-waste productive and environmentally-friendly form of controlled precision cleaning which is used in many different industries. It uses frozen carbon dioxide in 3mm pellet form as the blasting medium and is blasted using top-of-the-line cold jet dry ice blasting systems.

Dry Ice blaster rentals and sales

As a distributor of Cold Jet, we do long-term rentals and sales of cold jet pcs blasters which are a sustainable cleaning tool as they are non-waste productive, and environmentally friendly. Case studies have also found that dry ice cleaning can cut down cleaning costs by as much as 80% and cut down downtime significantly as cold jets pcs's are efficient, effective, and not disruptive to other activities going on within a business, and to ensure that you get the most out of the blaster we provide on-site training.

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