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Welcome To Dry Ice Ireland

Dry Ice Blasting

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At Dry Ice Ireland, we stand at the forefront as a premier dry ice blasting and manufacturing entity. Operating from our Newry base, we provide a comprehensive range of offerings, including dry ice blasting services, cutting-edge equipment, and top-tier high-density dry ice pellets.

As an esteemed distributor for ColdJet, a global leader in dry ice blasting equipment, our credentials are firmly established. Our facilities encompass a modern warehouse, a proficient workshop, and state-of-the-art equipment for dry ice production and manufacturing.

Our dry ice blasting services extend seamlessly through both mobile, on-site options and our dedicated in-house facilities. With over a decade of experience, we boast expertise in a diverse array of applications. A hallmark of our approach is the complete sublimation of media upon impact, leaving behind no residual waste.

In the realm of dry ice supply, we excel in delivering fresh, premium-quality, high-density dry ice with unmatched speed. Our offerings span various sizes and quantities, and we specialize in accommodating last-minute, just-in-time orders. Covering the entirety of Ireland, our delivery service includes an option for same-day delivery, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and reliability.

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Ice Supply for Special Events

Dry Ice Supply

Experience the excellence of our supplied dry ice—an ingenious creation formed by solidifying carbon dioxide at an ultra-low temperature of -74 degrees. This remarkable feat is achieved through the utilization of our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, exemplifying our commitment to innovation.
Embodying both cost-effectiveness and unwavering sustainability, dry ice emerges as a versatile solution with multifarious applications. Notably, its adaptability lends itself perfectly to the preservation of chilled products, making it an indispensable asset in the realm of cold storage.

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Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning

At the forefront of our services lies Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning—a revolutionary method that stands as an epitome of efficiency, environmental consciousness, and precision. Embraced by diverse industries, this technique offers a non-wasteful approach to controlled cleaning.
Harnessing the power of frozen carbon dioxide in compact 3mm pellet form, our process employs cutting-edge Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Systems to propel the blasting medium. This results in meticulous and thorough cleaning, exemplifying our commitment to both excellence and ecological responsibility.

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Dry Ice blaster rentals and sales

As a Cold Jet distributor, we provide long-term rentals and sales of revolutionary Cold Jet PCS Blasters. These tools redefine sustainable cleaning with non-waste productivity and eco-conscious design. Compelling case studies confirm up to 80% cost reduction via dry ice cleaning. Cold Jet PCS Blasters ensure efficient, low downtime operation alongside other activities. Complementing this, our on-site training maximizes your success, unlocking the full potential of these tools.

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